If you’re feeling stuck on how to improve your interior design, it may be time to think a little more outside the box – as in, all the way outside! In this non-binary age of challenging traditional design conventions and repurposing old ideas for creative new uses, it seems that using outdoor furniture and design elements for indoor use is quickly becoming a huge trend. This isn’t just another artistic statement or fad, though. It turns out using patio decor inside can actually be a practical improvement to your home! Here are just 5 reasons why you should consider bringing some of the great outdoors into your own living room.

1.) Patio Furniture is Child-Resistant and Pet-Protected

Homes with children or pets are no strangers to the damage these little guys can do. Your soft, sensitive upholstery and rich wood furniture frames don’t stand a chance. Cushions and pillows upholstered with delicate indoor fabrics are constantly threatened by juice stains and roughhousing. But good outdoor cushions are covered with all-weather acrylic fabrics designed to withstand prolonged sun exposure and inclement weather conditions, from rain and hail to impromptu food fights and muddy shoes. Chewy and soft wooden table legs may be a tempting snack for a teething puppy, but outdoor furniture is built to be tough, often featuring lightweight aluminum or wrought iron frames. Outdoor rugs and furnishings mean less mess, and less worry!

2.) Save Money and Live More

Perhaps surprisingly, outdoor furnishings are sometimes less expensive than indoor furniture. Quality indoor furniture often comes with a very high price tag, because the materials used to build them tend to cost more; but depending on the outdoor material you choose for your new furniture set, you may actually save a little money on something of equivalent quality. Make sure you do your research before you start shopping! But aside from the out-the-door price, patio furniture saves you more money in the long run – it is less resistant to damage, as mentioned above, and you’ll also find you won’t need to spend as much on specialty cleaning supplies. Most modern all-weather furniture is very easy to maintain, sometimes requiring little more than a quick wipe with a damp rag! Compare that to specialty upholstery cleaners, wood finishes, lemon-scented cleaning spray, and so on, and you will see how quickly indoor furniture maintenance costs can add up.

3.) Moving Outdoor Furniture is a Breeze

If you feel like your indoor furniture tends to be really heavy, you’re not alone! Moving around a typical couch or dining table can quickly become a back-breaking prospect. Furniture built for outdoor use, on the other hand, tends to be made of much more lightweight materials. Powder-coated lightweight aluminum frames will make you feel like Superman as you rearrange your patio sectional with ease, and all-weather wicker feels light as a feather compared to heavy fabrics and furniture accents. Cushions are always removable, while with some couches, they are built right into the frame. For all these reasons and more, you’ll find that moving patio sets around is easy, and rearranging your furniture to your liking becomes dread-free.

4.) It’s very versatile

One of the coolest features of patio furniture is also the most obvious: you can use it indoors or out. If you have enough furniture available, you could even use your patio furniture outside in the summer months, then bring it indoors in the winter for a summer-y twist to your interior design! Not to mention, this will give your indoor furniture a rest while it sits in storage, which will have the auxiliary effect of increasing its lifespan.

5.) A timeless investment

With classic design principles and incredibly strong manufacturing processes, patio furniture is built to look great and last a long time, even when exposed to the constant climatic vagaries of Nature. So just imagine how much longer it’ll last indoors, where it can make a huge aesthetic impact for years and years to come! As homeowners increasingly view their patios as additional living spaces that need decorating just like their indoors, manufacturers are coming up with increasingly sophisticated materials that are cost-effective while also standing the test of time. Patio furniture is only getting better, and will only last longer, as it continues to be a popular investment for homeowners.
There are even more reasons to consider using outdoor furniture inside. Some outdoor furniture is made with reclaimed materials, so you can be green with your decor. Most patio sets are sleekly designed and will cut a striking and attractive contrast with the rest of your indoor furniture. For all these reasons and more, you owe it to your home to consider using outdoor furniture indoors next time you redecorate. The experts at Today’s Patio can help!


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