Every piece of patio furniture has the same basic characteristics: built for the elements, water resistant, and durable. Different types of furniture bring extra things to the table, such as more convenient maintenance, shady umbrellas, and integration with smart technology. If you’re looking for something new, look at convertible furniture.

What is convertible patio furniture?

Convertible furniture can change from one thing to something else, like how a futon changes from a couch to a bed. You can find benches with a rotating back that converts into a table and backless bench. There are sofas with rotating quadrants that act as side tables. Modular furniture sets can even break down into varying numbers of square tables, seats, and lounge chairs.

What are the advantages of convertible patio furniture?

These options aren’t just cool. They let you get the most use out of your space and keep your patio functional.

Add extra seating at a moment’s notice.

If you have a small patio, you can keep your furniture sets condensed. But if you have a party with an unexpectedly large crowd, you can change the tables into extra seating so all of your guests are comfortable. The rest of the time, when you only need a few chairs, you can turn them back into tables.

Your furniture always matches the activity.

If you have friends over, you probably need a good mix of seats and small tables for drinks. If you’re relaxing out on the patio, you might want a longer lounge chair so you can prop your feet up. A family dinner, on the other hand, means you need chairs around a wide central table.
Instead of choosing between different furniture sets and making do, or buying extra furniture that will mostly stay in storage, find convertible options that fit every occasion.
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