When you are living in a home that you love and want to stay in for a long time, you may grow more interested in adding furnishings and decorations. These additions can make the place feel even more like home, especially when you end up buying items that you like for several reasons. If you want to beautify your backyard, you may think to add planters throughout the space. In addition to focusing on looks, you should also prioritize functionality in your purchases.

Sturdy Material

While glass and ceramic planters can look lovely in any backyard, you may not like their delicateness. An excellent alternative is picking a sturdy material such as copper. This way, you will not have to worry about your children or pets knocking a planter over while outside. It may create a small mess, but it will be easy to clean up and you will not have to replace anything.

Ease of Use

After you fill up a planter, especially a large one, it can get rather heavy. But, you may want to fill it up with soil and a plant so that you can get a better idea of how the plant and planter looks. A great feature to prioritize is handles, which make it easier to move the planters around.

No Spills

Hanging planters with drainage holes are nice because you may not be able to see whether the pot is overwatered from your angle. When you have planters on the ground, you can add the right amount of water every time, so you do not need to have drainage holes on the bottom. Not having to worry about spills will open up other areas where you can place these planters. Buying planters with all these features will improve your backyard in appearance and functionality.

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