With Halloween behind us and November well underway it is officially Christmas season at Today’s Patio. All of our showrooms have moved outdoor furniture to the side to make way for more than 70 artificial Christmas trees and hundreds of ornaments. To find out what we can expect to see and some trends that are emerging we sat down with our two Christmas tree, ornaments and décor experts; Jeff Connit formally of the original Marshall Fields of Chicago and Dalon Faulstick formally of Paddock’s Magic of Christmas.

Artificial Christmas Tree Trends

More and more artificial Christmas tree manufacturers are making a shorter and a slim version of all their regular sized trees. This makes the tree more affordable and easier to decorate something cautious consumers can appreciate. On the other hand, they have noticed that regular sized trees are getting bigger “pockets” allowing for more and larger ornaments. The trees are mostly colored one shade of green with multi-colored trees trending down. For the past 6 to 7 years embellished trees with leaves and natural pinecones have gained popularity to the point they rival the sales of standard trees. There is a much bigger selection of 2.5’ and 4.5’ trees as it is becoming more common to purchase a second tree for a foyer or tabletop decor. LED bulbs have almost completely replaced the traditional incandescent light bulb due to being more energy efficient, having a longer lifetime and lower maintenance.

Christmas Décor Trends

This market has seen significant expansion as more accessory manufacturers are now making Christmas decorations as well. As a result Christmas décor is now available for all areas of the home, flameless candles that are battery operated and wreaths and garlands that are pre-lit with LED lights and timers. Nativity sets and Mark Roberts ferries have remained a constant and are still very popular keepsakes that people treasure for generations.

What You Can See At The Today’s Patio Christmas Fantasy

Our Christmas tree décor designers were extra busy this year with the addition of our San Diego showroom but they didn’t let that deter them from transforming or stores into a magical wonderland. Here are just some of the themes you will see on the artificial Christmas trees on our showroom floors.
  • Metals – beautiful copper, gold and platinum ornaments give trees an elegant and tasteful look.
  • Cookies, cupcakes and ginger bread decorations make the tree the idolization of children.
  • Miniature cabins and woodland creatures such as owls give the tree a natural authentic look.
  • White silver and glass décor creates an ageless and whimsical tree.
  • Your favorite pet has a theme for them as well; dogs, cats, deer and moose make up this collection.
  • For the vintage lover, bubble lights are back with a collection of vintage chests and wine racks adorned with painted ribbon and poinsettias.
  • Collectors should note that in addition to Mark Roberts we also carry Willow Tree and Neqwa ornaments that are hand painted from the inside.

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