Good patio furniture is built to last, but there’s no firm timeline. Unlike mattresses, which have a commonly-held deadline for replacement after ten years, patio furniture lasts until the elements break it down or you want to change your patio’s style. Different climates also change how long your patio furniture will last: arid environments in the Southwest have a lot of hot sunlight, and good UV protection and furniture covers can stretch out your furniture’s lifespan. Humid climates along the coastlines make your furniture tackle a lot of moisture, and protective coatings are an essential feature. If you want to know how long your patio furniture will last, the best way to find out is to know how the materials are protected:

Are the bases and structures powder-coated?

Water-resistant paint isn’t strong enough to keep patio furniture from being corroded. This is even truer if your patio furniture gets a workout through constant use and backyard parties. Chips and tears can let even more water and contaminants into the underlying material. But powder-coating is stronger. It doesn’t tear and any eventual chips after years of use can’t peel or grow larger. Powder coats also have a greater range of features and sealants.

What is the fabric resistant to?

Patio furniture fabrics have to be water-resistant at the very least. But if that’s the only feature the fabric has, its resistance won’t last very long. The cloth needs to also be resistant to UV radiation damage. Without that, the fabric will break down or turn brittle, and the water resistance will crack away. High-quality fabrics are also stain-resistant. Not only is that another layer of protection, it means you won’t have to replace your furniture for looking old and dirty. Good maintenance and storing your furniture away under furniture covers help keep your patio in good condition for years. But it’s also important to start with the right materials. Go to Today’s Patio to see our furniture’s features and long-lasting protections.

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