There’s nothing like spending a relaxing evening on your patio. But there’s also nothing looking over and seeing a wolf spider relax next to you. Just because your patio furniture is in your backyard doesn’t mean you have to resign yourself to sharing the furniture with spiders. Here are three ways to keep them out:

1. Get rid of hiding spots and crevices.

Clutter is what insects, bugs, and furrier critters love. Stacks, boxes, and debris provide lots of shade. They also tend to accumulate moisture. Make your deck as uninviting as possible for pests by having very few places for them to hide.
If you live in a region that has a lot of spiders, make sure to consider that when you’re choosing your furniture sets. Ornate designs, tall chair backs, and trellises will attract a lot of spider webs. Choosing a simpler, rounded design doesn’t just give spiders fewer places to hide. It makes it hard to turn your furniture into their hunting ground.

2. Protect the furniture itself.

Patio furniture is full of corners, ornate edges, and support bars. These form the perfect spots for spiders to put nests and start spiderwebs. So make sure you make brushing or vacuuming part of your regular schedule. If you catch spiderwebs before the spiders start to feel too comfortable, you can prevent large-scale invasions.
Regular applying chemical sprays is another way to keep spiders off the furniture. If you want to keep the tabletop and seats free of chemicals, make a peppermint oil spray and apply it every few days.

3. Get removable and washable cushion covers.

Cushions draw in pests. More than that, that’s where we least want to find spiders. So make sure your furniture cushions come with removable covers that you can throw in the wash. Regularly cleaning them gets rid of any nests that you don’t see. It also helps you shake away any spiders that might hide in the layers.
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