When picking out new outdoor furniture for your patio, it’s only natural to focus on style, functionality, and comfort. Something that might be easy to overlook, however, is the climate of the place you call home, and what furniture works best for this region. But isn’t all outdoor furniture built to withstand the elements? The answer is yes, to some degree, but to save yourself time and money down the road, and ensure that your furniture is suited to its new environment, here are a few things to keep in mind.

Wet Coastal Regions

If you live in an area with salty sea air and lots of moisture, choose furniture which is well-made and has joints which aren’t held together with glue. Tables and chairs that receive a steady dose of rain or moisture have a good change of coming apart. High density plastic, resin wicker, or rust-resistant coated aluminum are durable, low maintenance materials appropriate for coastal regions. Avoid wrought iron, as it has a tendency to rust.

Hot, Dry, and Sunny Regions

Synthetic resin and teak are the best materials for places which get a lot of hot, sunny days. Make sure to buy High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Wicker and not inexpensive PVC material. PVC has a tendency to fray, fracture, or become brittle. Teak is also excellent, but requires maintenance if you don’t want it to develop a gray patina. The patina will not affect durability of the furniture, since teak wood produces its own oil and won’t rot. If you want to maintain a natural color you’ll need to apply a teak sealant once a year. Make sure that any cushions are covered with fade-resistant fabric.

Cold Regions

In some states, like Michigan, you might only use your patio furniture a few months out of the year. If you have a space like a large garage or shed, where you can easily store the furniture during the cold period, then you aren’t really limited by material since your furniture won’t be exposed to the elements much. This is a hassle for some us though, so if your patio furniture is going to brave the snow and ice, good choices are powder coated aluminum and HDPE wicker. If you want wood furniture, go with teak, but make sure to treat it with a sealant.

Mild Climate

If you live in a mild to moderate climate you have a lot of options. Stainless steel, plastic, aluminum, wrought iron, synthetic resin, and teak are all water-resistant.

Whatever your needs and style preferences, Today’s Patio offers an extensive selection of high-quality patio furniture guaranteed to make your outdoor area shine.

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