Like many industries, outdoor lighting has seen it’s fair share of new gadgets, gizmos and trends over the years. Some work, some fade – no pun intended. A new technology has now entered the market that looks to provide a simple solution to an old patio lighting problem: How do you light your patio without stringing wires all over the place? The answer: thermoelectric power. One company, Caframo, is leading the charge with their new JOI lamp powered by Thermologi. The JOI patio lamp uses patented thermoelectric technology to light up 8 bright LED bulbs giving you the ability to light your patio wirelessly.

How Does It Work

The beauty of the JOI lamp is in it’s simplicity. Using just a single tea light candle, you can generate the light you need to enjoy your outdoor spaces late into the evening. Simply pull out the sliding tray that holds the candle, light it and leave it burn for about 30 seconds. Once the candle is burning sufficiently, just slide the tray back in, and voilà – light! No batteries, no wires. Suffice it to say we could go into great length about the actual technological details of how it works, but we’ll leave it to the manufacturer to answer specific questions about how the JOI lamp and how it works.

Added Features

In addition to the use of new technology, there are a few other features we like about the JOI lamp. For starters, the stainless steel enclosure seems to be well thought out. Besides the fact that it’s more appealing than other types of metal, the stainless steel also provides durability – something that is a must for any outdoor product. The telescoping arms of the lamp allow you to extend or direct your light to any space you need it. This is a great feature because it allows you to use the lamp over a barbecue or dining area with the base tucked neatly out of the way. Because the JOI outdoor lamp generates it’s power from a tea candle, there is no need for batteries or wires, which means as long as you have more tea lights, you’ll have power. For optimum use, we recommend the 4-hour tea lights. The 2-hour tea lights will work, but the LED lamps may not be as bright as they could be, and your power will be short lived.

Watch How The JOI Outdoor Lamp Works

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