Everyone carries a clock around in their pocket. It’s second nature for almost everyone to check the time on their phone instead of looking around for a clock. More and more people are even foregoing watches unless they’re wifi-enabled computers. But your backyard still needs a good clock. Here’s why:

Check the time when your phone isn’t available.

If there’s anywhere where you might not want to have your phone around, it’s your backyard. Swimming pools are still dangerous territories for technology, even if you keep your phone in a plastic bag. So having a big clock you can read from the other side of the yard makes sense. If you’re mowing the yard, gardening, or in the middle of a game, your hands might also be too occupied to pull out your phone. Look for a two-sided model that can be read from every corner of your backyard.

Set a deadline for dinner.

The clock isn’t just for you. It’s also for your children. Even if they have a smart device, you probably have strong rules against having it near the pool. But a highly visible clock helps you set deadlines for everyone to come back inside. Whether you set a specific time or give them fifteen more minutes, a communal clock makes the ruling more concrete.
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