Adding new furniture to your patio can be a great idea when you want to begin spending more time on your patio with the warmer weather of summer here. If you have pets that have access to the patio, however, you may be a bit more concerned about what you need to do to make sure that your pets won’t cause any problems for your new patio furniture.
Keep the following tips in mind so that you can choose the ideal patio furniture, even with your pets spending time outside.

Avoid Light Colored Fabrics

When it comes to the color of the fabric for your furniture, it’s important that you stay away from lighter colors that can show dirt easily. While you may not put your shoes on the fabric ever, your pets can jump up and quickly cause a lot of wear on the furniture.
Sticking with darker shades of fabric can make a big difference in keeping the furniture looking clean even years later.

Prioritize Durability to Avoid Scratches

Cats can use practically any piece of furniture as a scratching pad, making it important to avoid this problem by sticking with furniture that can’t be easily scratched. While wicker can be particularly sensitive to scratches by your cat or even from your dog jumping up, metal or plastic furniture can be much more durable.

Make Sure Each Piece Can Be Cleaned

Each piece of furniture should be easy to clean, with fabric being easily removable and machine-washable, with solid pieces being able to be wiped down. With furniture that’s easily cleaned, you don’t need to worry about your pets making a mess.
As you look for ways to improve your patio, keep an eye out for patio furniture that your pets can’t make a mess of. With the above tips considered, you can enjoy patio furniture that has a much longer lifespan.

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