Fall is upon us and in most places that means your days of enjoying your outdoor furniture are numbered. Leaving your patio furniture unattended to deal with the harsh elements of winter unaided will shorten the life of the furniture considerably. To ensure against damages you can either move the furniture into storage or use a protective cover.

Keep Your Furniture Looking New

Treasure Garden’s protective furniture covers are an ideal option regardless of what area of the country you live in. Its exclusively designed Rhinoweave fabric is water resistant so in areas of snow and heavy rainfall your furniture will not be constantly wet. The material is also breathable so in areas that are humid the furniture will not rot or grow mildew as well the cover is UV resistant and will not crack, peel or fade. The covers are also machine washable making cleaning very simple. All of Treasure Garden’s furniture covers come with a spring cinch lock and draw string that secures the cover in place keeping it from blowing away with a strung gust of wind. While the Rhinoweave material is water resistant it is important to note that it is not waterproof. The difference being that water will bead up when it hits the cover and roll off, but if you were to leave the cover in a bucket of water it eventually would leak through. Snow could stay on it all winter but if you were to let it melt chances are it would penetrate the cover and get into your furniture. It is always important to first measure the item you wish to cover, as all outdoor dining chairs for instance are not the same size. If you are trying to cover a dining table and chairs you should consider purchasing a table and chair combo cover that will fit over your whole dining set. Treasure Garden covers are also available for umbrellas and barbecue grills.

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