Patio furniture can enhance and elevate your outdoor living in big ways. Gathering on the patio for a sunset meal, lounging by a pool, or sipping on coffee while enjoying a cool, calm morning are epitomes of outdoor enjoyment. Beautiful and comfortable furniture plays a large role in that. However, when envisioning such scenarios, you may wonder why is patio furniture so expensive?

Stands the Test of Time

Patio furniture is uniquely vulnerable to all sorts of elements. Sun that beats down, drenching rains, snow and freezing temperatures, and regular cleaning all threaten the integrity of patio furniture. To combat these factors, top manufacturers design their furniture to last. No one wants to replace their outdoor pieces every year or two because they aren’t made to stand up to the environment. Quality materials and sturdy craftsmanship are naturally more expensive than furniture made to last only one season, but it’s worth it.

Timeless Design

Aesthetics and trends change often enough to make one’s head spin. When you purchase a piece of furniture, you don’t want it to go out of style before you’ve enjoyed it half a dozen times. With this in mind, high-end patio furniture manufacturers design their pieces to span across changing trends. With each style, designers put a lot of thought into how well their furniture will adapt and fit into new ideas of beauty in decor.

More and more, people are turning their outdoor spaces into true extensions of their homes. With this comes the desire for gorgeous, durable furniture they can actually live in. This furniture must remain durable and stylish for years. While this makes patio furniture somewhat expensive, many argue that it is well worth it. However, for those on a tight furniture budget you can find plenty of quality pieces on clearance throughout the year as well as periodic sales.

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