Add More Seating to Your Patio with Crowding Your Backyard

Add More Seating to Your Patio with Crowding Your Backyard

Whenever you have a backyard party, it always feels like there aren’t enough seats. Sometimes you actually have more guests than chairs. Half the chairs might be wet after swimmers took a break. Some of the seats are hard to move, and the others are easy to move but leave drag lines through the grass. If you’re worried that adding more seats will make your backyard look crowded or cluttered, here are three ways to keep everything organized:


Build segments on your patio.

The best way to break up space without feeling crowded is to use the floor. There’s only so much of your backyard you want to devote to your patio, so break it into visual sections without using physical walls or barriers. A two-toned deck neatly subdivides the space. Just pick a beautiful facade or overlay pattern for the majority of your deck, and an offset pattern for a smaller square within it. The smaller square can house a ‘dining section.’ Maintaining a consistent overlay for both half the space and the border makes it look tidy and deliberate.Another way to subdivide the space is with a raised platform. Raising up your dining section or your general seating arrangement also makes the space feel more organized and bigger overall.


Use modular furniture.

Heavy, ornate patio furniture certainly has its place in every backyard arrangement. But if your outdoor parties fluctuate between small family gatherings and larger groups, style your patio with modular furniture. This can include anything from benches that fold into tables to collapsible chairs. Many lines of boxy, contemporary furniture can fold up into more seating or even hold additional seats inside them.Enough seating can make a good party great, especially if you don’t have to worry about fixing the grass the next day. Shop our outdoor seating sets to find patio furniture that matches your style.
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