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Enjoy the outdoors in comfort with one of our large outdoor club chairs. With styles to fit any outdoor decor, choose from our selection of wrought iron, aluminum, cast aluminum and wicker cushion lounge chairs.
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More About Club Chairs

Large and luxurious, each of these club chairs from Today’s Patio is carefully selected and handpicked to bring the rare comfort of gentlemen's clubs to your outdoor living space. Create your own high-end club experience with these large outdoor club chairs where you can relax with a drink or create meaningful conversations with family and friends.

Our collection boasts a variety of styles, colors, and materials to suit your taste and patio design. We have styles to fit any outdoor décor. Choose from wrought iron, cast aluminum, and wicker cushion lounge chairs.

With at least 144 products to choose from, Today’s Patio has an outdoor club chair for everyone to enjoy the outdoors in comfort.

About Outdoor Club Chairs

Outdoor club chairs boast plush cushions and supportive armrests, creating a haven for relaxation. Unlike a standard patio chair, they feature deeper seating and a more upright position, allowing you to sink back and wind down by your pool or patio.

Club chairs were created with relaxation and unwinding in mind. They present the best way to elevate your outdoor space with the sophisticated comfort of club sofas. Perfect for creating conversation nooks or cozy corners, outdoor club chairs add a touch of luxury and relaxation to your patio.

Why Are Today’s Patio Club Chairs the Best?

Our selection of outdoor club chairs is built with weather-resistant materials like rust-proof aluminum frames, fade-resistant fabrics, and quick-drying cushions. These chairs are designed to withstand the elements and provide years of service.

Beyond Comfort

Today’s Patio’s outdoor club chairs aren't just about lounging. They can also be the foundation for creating conversation areas on your patio. Arrange them around a coffee table to establish a cozy spot for intimate gatherings or afternoon tea parties.

These comfortable and stylish seating options offer an upgrade from your standard patio chairs, providing a more relaxed and inviting atmosphere for lounging and talking.

Durable Elegance

Every club chair from Today’s Patio is made from weather-resistant materials, including wicker, wrought iron, rust-proof aluminum, and cast aluminum. If our club chairs for sale can survive the Arizona climate, they can survive in any climate. They are built to withstand the elements. They'll grace your patio for years with minimal maintenance.

Design Versatility

Our extensive collection offers a wide variety of styles to complement your existing patio furniture and exterior decor. From classic and traditional to modern and minimalist, you're sure to find the perfect club chair to match your taste and create a cohesive outdoor space.

Cozy up in the center of a swivel style, such as our Kenzo Swivel Action Lounger, or relax restfully in a rocker or recliner, like the Laurent Swivel Recliner Club Chair.

For the homeowner who loves having their drinks while enjoying the breeze outside, we recommend matching your selected club chair with an end table for your drinks and adding an ottoman to put your feet up to create the perfect outdoor seating space.

For those who love to sprinkle some dynamism into their living spaces, customize your outdoor club chair with colorful cushions in prints, solids, and patterns to pop the outdoor decor. The options are limitless.

How Much Does an Outdoor Club Chair Cost?

Our collection of outdoor club chairs fits every budget, from under $375 for the cheapest club chair for sale, the Kahana Strap Club Chair, to the high-end Laurent Swivel Recliner Club Chair, reaching upwards of $2,299.

While picking a piece from 144 products might be overwhelming, our experts are happy to help you determine which club chair might be right for you. At Today's Patio, you are sure to get something right for both you and your wallet.