Commercial Buyers

Today's Patio Trade Programs

Each program is specifically designed to offer a wide variety of outdoor products as well as specialized pricing and services to residential developers, the hospitality industry, commercial developers, architects and interior design professionals.

Our Designer and Contract teams will work with you to find the best solution for your residential or large-scale projects, often tailoring products and delivery options to meet your project’s specific requirements. In addition to our large inventory of outdoor furniture and other products, our position as a leader in our industry allows us to offer an array of custom-tailored products and services to suit your specific project needs.

We’re open to finding additional ways that we can help make your next project a success, and we’re confident that our knowledgeable and accommodating staff will provide the best possible experience for you and your clients.

Your Industry Partner

Our primary goal is to support your business and foster your success as a designer or architect, which is why we’ve created our Designer Program to offer you special incentives as well as limitless access to our line of custom outdoor furniture products. With our large inventory of open stock products as well as our access to a large assortment of custom products in hundreds of frames and fabrics, we’re sure we can help you find just the right product to make your outdoor projects a great success. As a member of our Designer Program, you’ll work directly with your local store and benefit from working one-on-one with our experienced customer service and sales teams who can assist and guide you throughout your specific projects.

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Designer Program

Working With Us

Residential Interior Design Professionals and Architects: If you are a residential interior design professional, architect or builder, then we encourage you to visit your local store or contact our dedicated Designer Program staff at or (480)367-9700.

Large-Scale Specialists

While you may know us as a local retailer, our Today’s Patio Contract team has completed numerous installations for large hospitality, multi-residential and commercial customers throughout the world. Our Contract sales team has the extensive experience and knowledge of the hospitality commercial industry required to understand the special dynamics and challenges of large projects. In working directly with our Contract division, we can determine special pricing and requirements on a project-by-project basis for orders made in bulk. Our Contract sales experts have the capability to quote and manage larger, more complex orders.

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Contract Program

Working With Us

Hospitality & Commercial Large-Scale Projects: If you are a developer or procurement specialist working on a large-scale or multi-unit project, then we encourage you to work directly with our committed Contract Program staff at or (800) 457-0305.