Keep Your Bistro Furniture Safe from These Three Problems

Keep Your Bistro Furniture Safe from These Three Problems

An outdoor bistro furniture set is the perfect way to enjoy a meal outside. Whether you want to get more enjoyment out of your backyard or you have a restaurant that’s crowded to capacity, small outdoor tables are a perfect choice. But outdoor furniture can make a lot of extra work for you if it’s not built for long-lasting comfort. Look for furniture sets that:  

Use rust-proof materials and finishes.

Bistro dining sets are immediately recognizable. They have intricate metal designs and swirling frame patterns that look beautiful both from far away and close up. But each of those crevices and joints is an opportunity for corrosion and weakened metal. Look for sets that are constructed from rust-proof aluminum so your furniture isn’t a liability. A powder coat finish provides even stronger protection against corrosion and wear.    

Come with foot caps that don’t wobble.

There’s nothing that can cause a slow burn of frustration like a wobbling table. Good furniture sets include adjustable foot caps for both the table and the chairs so you don’t have to worry about a concrete slab that’s at a slight slant or a wooden deck with uneven beams. Foot caps protect the furniture frame from direct exposure to the ground, too. This means you can even put the furniture on dewy grass surfaces without worrying about the moisture. The extra material also keeps the furniture and the floor safe from physical damage. Unprotect edges could scratch your wood floors or get banged up by a lot of shifting across concrete.

Have extra protection against the test of time.

Even the sturdiest furniture isn’t impervious to damage. That’s why you should look for furniture that offers ten-year warranties for the frame. A warranty doesn’t just provide protection if your furniture breaks. It’s also a strong sign that the manufacturer believes in the product’s durability. Go to Today’s Patio to find just the right bistro furniture set for outdoor dining. 

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