What Are Some Patio Furniture Extras That Should Be on Your Shopping List?

What Are Some Patio Furniture Extras That Should Be on Your Shopping List?

Whether you’re replacing your patio furniture altogether or you’re adding a few more pieces to round out your patio, shopping is always easier with a list. Showing up to the store with a few bits of information can help you find exactly what you’re looking for. This can include lists of specific colors and color sample from your wood stain and existing furniture collection. You might even want a list of all of the parties you plan on hosting over the next year so you can make sure you’re getting enough chairs and cushions. Also make a list of all the accessories you think will help make the space homey and relaxing. These patio accessories and extras include:


An outdoor rug.

Outdoor rugs used to be either ugly or fragile. You had to pick between long-lasting durability, which often meant bristly fibers and dark, mottled patterns, or beautiful rugs that could only last a season before being stained or torn. But woven rugs have evolved enough to have long-lasting water- and stain-resistance. Now that the rugs are built to last, you can protect your visitors’ bare feet from hot concrete and complete your patio’s style.


Planters and seasonal accessories.

Just because patio furniture can withstand the elements for several years doesn’t mean you have to let your patio look the same season after season. Look for summery planters so you can decorate your patio with flowers and herbs, especially herbs that keep mosquitoes and wasps away. Also add holiday decorations, including Halloween, to your shopping list so you’re prepared for autumn and winter.



A pergola only partially blocks the sun. If you want complete coverage so you can relax outside without worrying about glare or a sunburn, look for an umbrella that matches your furniture and extends across most of your patio. If you want to make sure your list is complete before you go shopping, browse our accessories at Today’s Patio.

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