3 Green Options You Should Consider For Your Patio

3 Green Options You Should Consider For Your Patio

There’s nothing quite like spending some time on your patio, enjoying the outdoors. If you want to have some real peace of mind regarding your patio’s environmental impact, though, there are a couple of options you should consider adding to your setup.
Options like…

#1: Recyclable Furniture

Even long-lived patio furniture is going to get worn down eventually. Between the sun, the rain, and all the use you put the furniture through, a day will eventually come where it has to be replaced. It’s important for you to plan for that day by making sure your patio furniture can be recycled when it’s time to get rid of it.
That doesn’t mean you have to limit yourself when it comes to your design options, however. Plastic furniture comes in a variety of styles, from wood-patterned easy chairs to polyethylene wicker, for example. The same is true for aluminum and even steel furniture. In many cases you can even get patio furniture made from recycled materials, making it doubly green!

#2: Green Energy Accessories

If you’re out on your patio enjoying a sunny day, why not get the most you can out of it? There are solar-powered Bluetooth speakers on the market that can charge upon nothing more than the afternoon rays, and play music for hours on end. Solar charging ports for phones and other accessories are also more affordable than ever before, and many of them are rugged enough that you can simply leave them on your end table. Whether you’re relaxing with a book, or having a barbecue, you can have all the modern conveniences without adding any additional energy to your monthly power bill.

#3: Look For Sunbrella Fabrics

Even if you have sturdy frames on your furniture, chances are you’ll want a few cushions to make them more comfortable. Perhaps a rug on your patio to tie the look together. Sunbrella fabrics are some of the best options out there, so keep an eye out for them!
you can relax with a clear conscience with these accessories on your patio. 
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