3 Must-Have Patio Accessories for Windy Days

3 Must-Have Patio Accessories for Windy Days

The weather might not be cold yet, but it’s certainly getting chillier. It’s also getting windier, and that can dampen your enjoyment of your outdoor living space. If you want to keep relaxing on your patio through the fall, make your space safer and sturdier from the wind. Add these three things to your patio:

Lantern boxes for your candles

Candles have an open flame. Even though it’s tiny, the wind can still catch it and cause a few problems. If your candles are near some highly flammable autumn decorations, the flame might spread. Even if the candles are isolated, a heavy breeze can extinguish the flame. Protect your candles with glass lantern boxes. Not only do they block the wind, but they’re also designed to handle larger flames, too.


Heavy furniture and pots to pin down your rug

If your patio has a rug, that accessory goes a long way to making the whole space warmer and more comfortable. But if you have to constantly fix folded back corners or listen to it snap in the wind, you might wonder if it’s really worth it.Instead of getting rid of the rug or swearing them off altogether, find some weights that can hold it in place while adding to your outdoor living space. Hefty ceramic pots can hold autumn flowers, and some extra chairs near the corners let you invite more guests.


A better base for your umbrella

Just like your rug, your patio umbrella will be snapping and unsteady without something heavy to hold it down. So look for a weighted base that locks onto more of the umbrella’s pole. If you need a new table soon, look for one that also securely tightens around the middle of the umbrella so it can’t rattle around. Go to Today’s Patio to find the accessories and furniture you need for autumn and winter.

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