4 Tips for Protecting Your Patio Furniture From Fading and Sun Damage

4 Tips for Protecting Your Patio Furniture From Fading and Sun Damage

Even the highest quality patio furniture is prone to sun damage and fading if you don’t take care of it. Sun can damage anything that has been left outside for too long, it does not matter whether it is high-end furniture or not. Without a doubt, using sunbrella fabric cushions, your furniture will have a better lifespan. However, that is not all that is needed. Fortunately, there are ways to prolong the life of your outdoor furniture. Here are some tips for preventing your patio furniture from fading.


Shade Your Furniture

The best way to protect your furniture is by keeping it in the shade. Umbrellas have many benefits. Not only will they keep you cool, but it will also reduce the amount of direct sunlight that your furniture receives. You can also arrange your furniture according to the sun’s position. This way they’ll be kept under trees or a place where the sun is blocked by buildings. 

A roller shade allows you to shade your furniture (and yourself) whenever it’s sunny. For even more convenience, get one that can be controlled electronically or remotely. You can also get an expandable umbrella for your table.


Store It Indoors

Storing the furniture inside when not in use for long periods of time, or when the summer is over, is one of the best things you can do to keep it well maintained. Doing this, which doesn’t even take much time, can dramatically extend its lifespan and preserve its color. If you have folding chairs and tables, fold them and stack them away when not using them. Do the same for removable cushions. 

Even during the cold months, you must store your furniture in a shed; the sun shines during the winter too. Patio furniture is meant to be outside, but the best thing you can do to preserve its beauty is to reduce the amount of UV exposure. Make sure your furniture is clean, and the storage area is not humid.


Use Furniture Cover

There are many reasons why you should use furniture covers. Maybe you have a large patio with little to no shadow available, or maybe your umbrella is simply not suitable for your setup. Whatever the case is, investing in covers is always a good idea; it will prevent direct sun exposure and protect it from the elements at the same time. When not using your patio, you can cover your sensitive furniture. Make sure the covers are thick enough to protect your furniture from the sun. Use to use, set, and remove, these covers are an excellent choice. 


Choose The Right Furniture

While the previous steps are going to dramatically increase your furniture’s lifespan and prevent its color from fading, choosing the right furniture will also make a noticeable difference. High-end furniture can hold up for many years before needing any kind of intervention. You can read more about investing in high-end furniture.

So, make sure to get only the best furniture that can withstand the sun’s rays. Avoid plastic furniture which can easily get damaged by the sun’s heat. Invest in furniture that has paint that blocks UV rays. Get cushions that are made of materials that don’t fade easily. Invest in a spray that will protect your furniture from the sun. You won’t be disappointed! 

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