4 Ways to Store Your Patio Pillows for Winter

4 Ways to Store Your Patio Pillows for Winter

The frames of your patio furniture can probably outlast damp winter weather. But your cushions are another story. Whether you plan on relaxing outside no matter what season it is or you’re packing away your patio, here’s what to do with your patio pillows:

If you’re going to use them regularly…

…store them in a teak chest.

If you live in a rainy region, don’t leave your cushions out to sit in the damp. Instead, find a solidly built chest that keeps the moisture and any pests locked out. Teak and cedar are both great options if you like wood, and heavy plastic can keep the water out if there’s a good seal around the lid.

…weigh them down.

If you feel comfortable leaving your pillows out until winter really gets started, then leave them on your furniture but weigh them down. The wind is going to kick up, so look for long cylinders that you can roll between connected seat and back cushions. There are also weights you can slip into the pillowcases.

If you want them stored away for the season…

…separate the layers to wash and dry them.

Over the summer, your patio pillows probably got a lot of handling. Clean them before your store them away so the moisture, mildew, and dirt don’t get worse. Separate the pillowcases from the pillow firms, and wash both as deeply as the instructions allow. Then let them dry completely. If your pillowcases are more washable than the foam forms, put the pillowcases back on them to protect them during winter.

…store them inside.

Storing your cushions outside is one thing when you need them near at hand and you can inspect them often. But if you know you’re not going to relax on the patio this winter, don’t borrow trouble. Store your cushions in vacuum bags or a wood chest inside your house, garage, or shed to keep them ready for spring.Taking care of your cushions makes them last longer, but they also have to be built to last. Shop our great selection of Elaine Smith outdoor pillows that are easy to maintain and store.

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