5 Pieces of Patio Furniture Perfectly Designed for Windy Backyards

5 Pieces of Patio Furniture Perfectly Designed for Windy Backyards

Do you live in the Windy City or just a windy region? Pick patio furniture that’s built to make your life easier instead of furniture that disappears over the edge of the fence. That includes:

1. Chairs with lattice backs

The first rule of hosting an outdoor party is that if something can catch in the wind, it will catch in the wind. So look for furniture that is built to not budge. Chairs with decorative cut-outs in the back, latticed surfaces, and anything with a small profile won’t start billowing or shifting around.

2. Barstools

Barstools are even better than chairs in this respect. There’s no back for the wind to catch on. Barstools can also be stowed under a counter or in your backyard shed if the wind threatens to turn into a storm or tornado.

3. Serving trays that hook down around the side of the table

Trays with food and drink are particularly vulnerable to the wind. Stop them from toppling over by looking for trays that slide over the table with a C-shaped platform that sandwiches around the surface of the table. Upside-down U-shaped tables also minimize shifting and falling platters.

4. Fire tables with wide margins

Fire tables are the optimal cross between a fire pit and dining table. If you live where there’s lots of wind, look for fire tables that have wide lips and platforms around the central flame. This buffer makes people feel safer when the wind knocks the flame to a diagonal stripe.

5. Weighted cushions

If you’re tired of chasing your couch cushions down, don’t get rid of them just yet. Look for weighted options. There are plenty of cushions that let you add weighted slats to the bottom of the foam. Not only does this mean you don’t have to tie down the cushions, but the weight also helps hold down the furniture, too.

Today’s Patio has patio furniture for every climate and type of weather. Browse our catalog today to find the furniture you need before the season changes.

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