5 Reasons to Add a New Rug to Your Patio

5 Reasons to Add a New Rug to Your Patio

If you just got your backyard patio resurfaced, you might be asking yourself why you’d want to cover it up. But patio rugs and a lot of protection and style to your outdoor living area. Here are five reasons to add a rug to your patio this year:

1. Protect everyone’s bare feet.

The summer sun seeps into both concrete and wood. That makes it uncomfortable to suddenly put your feet on the ground if you’ve been in the pool or had your feet propped on a chair. Even though your rug will be the exact same temperature, the lower thermal mass makes it easier on your feet. It’s also softer.

2. Keep pool water out of your house.

Even though your backyard might have enough anti-slip surfaces for wet feet, that might not be true as soon as someone walks through the back door and onto the tile. A rug helps dry swimmers’ feet even if they don’t stop to towel dry.

3. Protect your patio’s surface from stains.

Even if you stain your wooden deck or seal the concrete’s surface, it’s still vulnerable to oil and grease stains. Put a washable rug down so you can clean the rug instead of paying someone to clean the patio. You can even add a utility outdoor rug on the corner near the hose so people can wash their muddy feet.

4. Add more color to your backyard.

Rugs are an easy way to add designs and color. If you like using your patio all year long, you can even build up a collection of seasonal rugs so you’re never tired of the style.

5. Stop patio furniture from scratching your patio.

Your patio’s table and chairs probably have plastic pads on the bottom of their legs. But those might mear through and start to scratch whatever is underneath them. Save your wood and resurfaced concrete by using a rug as a cushion to protect it.
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