5 Ways to Arrange Your Patio Furniture to Make the Most of Your Backyard This Summer

5 Ways to Arrange Your Patio Furniture to Make the Most of Your Backyard This Summer

How you arrange your patio furniture can be just as important as the furniture itself. No matter what shape and size patio you have, there’s an arrangement that’s a perfect fit. Here are five of the most common arrangement styles:

1. Chairs and couches around a central low table

This is one of the most standard configurations. A combination of chairs and loveseats will encircle a low, rectangular table. This allows for easy conversations and plenty of room to set drinks when you don’t have to keep an eye on the backyard. 

2. End to end seating along a corner

When you have guests with children, no one wants to sit with their back to the pool and the turf. Rearrange your seating sit it forms a forward-facing “L” shape along one of the back corners of the patio. This lets everyone keep an eye on the children without cutting off the conversation.

3. Create sections without walls

High-backed chairs and couches can help define patio spaces. If you have a wide patio, use one half for seating and set the highest piece of furniture with it’s back to the other half of the patio. That neatly blocks out the “sitting” area and the “play” area.

4. Circular seating for a large gathering

Just like the first configuration, this is perfect for when you have lots of adult guests over. Put two tables in the middle with a gap in between them and then surround them with patio chairs. Line that gap up with the patio door if possible so there’s both walking room and a chair for everyone.

5. Separate spaces for work and relaxation

Sometimes your outdoor living space needs to be just right for you to focus. Square a patio chair in front of a low table so you can see across the backyard, and put smaller tables to your left and right. Then you have a space for your laptop, your book, and a refreshing drink.
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