Choose a Color Scheme That Works with the Summer Sun

Choose a Color Scheme That Works with the Summer Sun

Summer is officially in season, and that means your backyard patio is going to see a lot of traffic over the next few months. If you’re picking out new furniture or outdoor accent pieces, make sure your designs work with the summery, bright weather so you can relax outdoors. Keep these four design elements in mind:

1. Dark colors absorb a lot of heat.

Spring and summer color palettes are full of pastels, bright colors, and shades of white. That’s because these colors reflect the sunlight and the radiant heat. Black, navy, and other dark shades absorb all of that heat energy. So keep it light or bright for your cushions so it’s comfortable to take a seat.

2. Bright colors are now built to last outside.

If you live where there are clear skies and a lot of sunlight, however, you may be leery of bright colors. The sun’s UV radiation used to turn vividly colored fabrics dull and faded. But newer fabrics are dyed with colorants that resist UV radiation damage. Patio cushions can also be coated with a clear finish that gives the fabric even more protection.

3. Shade drinks and food from the sun and wind.

The last thing you want is leaves falling into your drink or a strong gust of wind knocking your drink or snacks over. Look for patio accessories that can block the wind, like umbrellas, trellis walls, and high-backed chairs.

4. Be careful of metal arms.

Just like dark fabric, dark metals can absorb a lot of heat. Metal is also conductive all on its own, so even light metal can burn you if you set your arms down. Look for wicker alternatives or arm covers that keep everyone safe.

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