Elaine Smith ? The First and Only Luxury Outdoor Throw Pillows

Elaine Smith ? The First and Only Luxury Outdoor Throw Pillows

For an ordinary pillow to become a quality outdoor throw pillow it needs to meet a few requirements. First off, it needs to be durable. It has to be able to withstand endless hours of sunshine and damaging UV rays without fading. It needs to be able to endure a rainstorm without rotting and growing mildew. The fabric should be machine washable because, lets face it, accidents happen. Things such as bleach and pool chlorine should not discolor the fabric. Secondly, because it’s a pillow it needs to be comfortable. No one’s first choice for a mid-day nap is to lay his or her head on a cozy brick. Lastly, it needs to be presentable. An outdoor throw pillow should compliment your outdoor furniture. Some like to coordinate the colors with their furniture or other decor in their backyard. Others like to get new pillows every year with a different fabric style to spruce up their outdoor areas. If a pillow can meet all of those requirements then it is suitable to be left outside.


Elaine Smith Luxury Outdoor Throw Pillows

Elaine Smith luxury outdoor pillows do far more than just merely meet those requirements. They surpass everything we’ve come to know about outdoor throw pillows. Sometimes when a game changing innovation occurs it comes from someone who is on the outside looking in and sees things from a different perspective. Just as unique as the beautiful pillows she creates, Elaine Smith was on the inside looking out.
Elaine Smith was happily in the midst of a promising career as a successful interior and home accessory designer. A little over a decade ago she was having a routine day looking for new fabrics. Unbeknownst to her at the time, she was on the verge of a career change that would cause a ripple to move through the outdoor furniture industry. This all happened when she discovered fabrics that were rich and lush with color but also tough and durable. Understanding a luxurious pillow can transform a indoor space, she wondered why outdoor rooms weren’t getting the same treatment. Soon after the world’s first and only line of outdoor luxury pillows were born.


The Art of the Pillow

If you claim to make the world’s first and only luxury outdoor throw pillow you need to be sure you’re using only high-quality, premium materials. Elaine Smith pillows are individually hand made in the USA using 100% solution dyed acrylic. A highly trained staff inspects every pillow ensuring that their high standard of quality control is met. Made with 100% solution dyed acrylic means the pillow covers are both machine washable and fade and stain resistant.
Elaine Smith’s beautiful outdoor pillows come in a variety of sizes with hundreds of different runway-inspired designs. It seems she uses the entire color spectrum to ensure that every outdoor area has a luxurious throw pillow designed just for it. Like rich Earth tones, deep saturated reds, cool watercolor blues, bright pops of fun primary colors, golden yellows, Navy blues and shades of charcoal, taupe and graphite just to name a few. She likes to combine contrasting colors and add textures to form a high fashion look. She also uses intricate patterns with differing scales to create the illusion of depth. Exotic influences are prevalent with the zebra and winged creature designs but no more so than with her signature Dragonfly pillow. All of these lovely colors and designs are available in 16” to 22” square throw pillows and lumbar pillows. Recently she introduced their most ambitious pillow yet, a giant oversized 26” square throw pillow.
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