Freshen Up Your Outdoor Patio Furniture In Five Simple Steps

Freshen Up Your Outdoor Patio Furniture In Five Simple Steps

After spending the winter season undercover, or perhaps even exposed to the elements, your outdoor patio furniture may need a little extra care and attention to get it ready for outdoor entertaining again. Here are five quick, simple and inexpensive tips to help rejuvenate your outdoor patio furniture and spaces.


Clean It Up

It should go without saying, but simply cleaning outdoor patio furniture can make a tremendous difference in the way it looks and lasts. Left outside year round, it’s easy to dismiss this simple maintenance during those cold winter months when no one is using it. Out of sight, out of mind. However, as the weather warms up and we begin to migrate outdoors again, the dust, dirt, and grime that has accumulated become more noticeable.

Generally speaking, scrubbing your patio furniture with a simple mixture of mild soap and water is usually enough to freshen it up. For those tough to clean spots, you should follow the manufacturer’s specific cleaning instructions or read our patio furniture cleaning instructions.

After cleaning your outdoor furniture, you can use touch-up paint to treat minor scuffs and scrapes on the frames. For older outdoor furniture, you might also think about replacing the plastic foot caps and endcaps if they’re worn or discolored.


Move It Around

You’ll find a great way to give your patio a renewed look is to reposition your outdoor patio furniture. Relocating your patio furniture to accommodate your outdoor lifestyle during the varying seasons can also be a great way to get the most use out of it.

If you’ve always kept your chaise lounges next to the pool for a place to rest after a quick swim, you might consider moving them under a shaded area during the summer. During those hot summer months, relaxing in the shade can be more comfortable than baking under the intense sun.

If you have a fire pit that you use during the cool winter months, you might consider moving it to a place on your patio that isn’t used as often. If something is less likely to be used during the heat of the summer, moving it to an area that is out of the way can help open up your patio spaces and clear out the clutter.


Introduce Some Color

Maybe you’ve been looking at the same “brown” patio set for years and you’ve become bored with it. While replacing it may be an option, it can be expensive and may not be necessary. With companies like Sunbrella introducing vibrant new colors to their outdoor fabric options each year, consider using these lively hues to spice up your outdoor spaces in different ways.

Throw pillows are one of the simplest items to introduce new and updated colors to your outdoor spaces, giving it a crisp new feel. While outdoor throw pillows can vary in price, if you limit your options to a few basic shapes and sizes, they can be relatively inexpensive and still give new life to your patio.

You can also use these colorful fabrics for outdoor drapes, throws, patio umbrellas and more to help introduce energetic new colors.



Bare walls and empty tabletops can make your outdoor spaces seem as boring as reading the Encyclopedia Britannica. Imagine the inside of your home if you had no pictures on the walls, no table lamps or lighting, nothing in the corners of the rooms. It would look empty and void of life. The same can be said for your outdoor patio areas.

Just as you’ve added accessories to the inside of your home, adding a few outdoor patio accessories to your patio can give it a warm, cozy feeling. A simple piece of wall décor can give a bland wall a completely different look. A small potted plant on a tabletop can transform a dining set from an after thought to the center of attention inviting other to gather.

Lastly, consider the functionality of your accessories. Instead of just a wall hanging, maybe a large decorative clock could fill a blank space and also serve a useful purpose. In place of a potted plant on a tabletop, perhaps a candleholder or outdoor table lamp would rejuvenate your dining set and provide the necessary lighting for evening entertainment.


The Rest Of The Yard

While we’ve written a lot about sprucing up your patio furniture, the rest of your yard may need some attention as well. Tending to your landscaping, removing dead plants, sweeping walkways and trimming trees is a simple way to help your backyard shine. You might have some of the most beautiful outdoor furniture available, but if it’s surrounded by dead branches, weeds and a large garden with only one tomato, it can be easy for your guests to be distracted by all the clutter and chaos.

Hopefully you’ve found these simple, inexpensive tips useful. If you have any ideas of your own, please feel free to leave a comment. We’d love to hear your input!

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