How to Maximize Your Patio in the Winter

How to Maximize Your Patio in the Winter

Many people, sadly, buy into the myth that a patio is useful only during temperate weather. Their patios go unused for a large portion of the year, and they miss out on all the great opportunities to spend quality time outside! Today’s Patio has many cold weather solutions to help keep relaxing on the patio part of your daily routine, from fire pits to patio heaters!

Fire pits are our favorite, because they not only heat up the space around them, allowing for cold weather use, but they also look beautiful! There’s something magical about the soft glow of a warm fire on a cool night, and we have tons of great options for someone trying to achieve that magic.

As one of our most luxurious offerings, this Venice Beach fire pit is sure to level up your patio! Measuring 26″ x 75″, it is the perfect size for a fun gathering of friends and family, or a romantic, fireside snuggle. Plus, special orders are available, so you can customize the perfect look for your home. If you have a more simple vibe, we recommend checking out the Harmony Fire pit. A 44.5″ x 44.5″ octagon, this option is smaller in size but not in spirit! With a beautiful porcelain top, sitting on a rust-proof aluminum frame, this fire pit adds a charming, cosy feel to your patio.

For those who aren’t so into fire pits, we have another alternative to keeping your patio warm: patio heaters. For a full size option, we recommend you check out this bronze portable patio heater! With a heating range of approximately 15′, and wheels for easy mobility, this patio heater is great for parties and gatherings. If a full-sized heater isn’t necessary, or if you prefer a more intimate feel, Today’s Patio also offers table top heaters. Standing at a total height of only 34.65″, this table top heater is easily transportable, and great for cuddling up outdoors with a loved one.

There’s nothing quite like a romantic night outdoors, keeping warm together on a chilly night. These recommendations are only a small selection of the full range of warming solutions at Today’s Patio, so be sure to check out our complete offerings on our website.

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