How to Pick Patio Furniture If You're Terrified of Bugs

How to Pick Patio Furniture If You're Terrified of Bugs

When people recommend patio furniture, they’re usually thinking about style. Another top priority is easy maintenance. While you want style and easy maintenance, too, your top concern is making sure bugs have no interest in joining you on the patio. With ticks in the north, ants in the south, and spiders everywhere, this makes perfect sense. Here are three things to look for when you’re buying new patio furniture to relax on without having to check your perimeter:

Look for furniture with tall legs.

You want furniture that’s as uninviting to bugs as possible, so stay on higher ground. Barstools and chairs with long, thin frames don’t give them a place to settle in. Minimal contact to the ground also mitigates the risk of moisture and leaf piles, so there’s even less of a reason for anything to wander across your furniture.

Skip over boxy frames and wicker.

Wicker is usually well-protected against the elements, but it’s still a surface full of holes and crevices. If just the thought of bugs being nearby ruins your relaxation, skip over intricate furniture that you can’t be sure is bug-free.Boxy, hollow frames can also provide shade. So metal tables, Adirondack chairs, and simple benches are great options.

Find furniture where the cushions are optional.

There are plenty of ways to prepare patio cushions against bugs. Many cushions also have covers that you can take off and clean to deter long-term inhabitants. But sometimes cushions can hold onto moisture and provide shelter. So find furniture where cushions are optional. Even when it seems like bees just won’t leave your brightly cushions alone, you can just set them aside and still enjoy the outdoors. Go to Today’s Patio so you can find the perfect furniture for staking your territory and enjoying a beautiful patio.

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