How to Turn Your Outdoor Living Space Into an Outdoor Office

How to Turn Your Outdoor Living Space Into an Outdoor Office

Your patio isn't just for the evenings and weekends. You can also spend a few of your working hours soaking up the sun. Add these three things to make your outdoor living space even more comfortable.

Build in plenty of shade.

Even though you're outside to enjoy the natural lighting, that doesn't mean you want the sun in your face. So build your outdoor office to keep you in the shade during the morning and afternoon. Tables with nestled umbrellas provide coverage both for your eyes and your skin so you aren't exposed to too much UV radiation. A pergola or patio cover can also provide shade.

Find tables and chairs that fit your height and workspace needs.

Table and chair sets have different heights. But when you're settling in your seat to work a couple of hours on your computer, you need to have the right setup. Order a table and chair that has the right height — as well as adjustable height — so all you have to do is set your laptop on the surface. If you have to adjust the height each time with a box or hunch over your computer, your outdoor office will be much less comfortable.

Don't forget about lumbar support.

While you're focused on making your office more ergonomic, think about the structure of the chair itself. Most patio chairs are not as fine-tuned as office chairs. But you can modify them yourself with a comfortable lumbar pillow that supports your lower back while you do your work. Designer lumbar pillows also add style and comfort to your living space once you've finished up your work and are on your patio to relax.
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