Is It Time to Replace Your Wicker Furniture?

Is It Time to Replace Your Wicker Furniture?

Wicker furniture is a great choice for patios across a lot of different climates and terrains. But, just like anything that sits outside for the majority of the year, the material will eventually take on damage. Sometimes it’s possible to salvage wicker furniture once you notice signs of decay, and other times it might be time to start thinking about a new set. Inspect your furniture and ask yourself these three questions?

Did critters burrow through the wicker sheets during the winter?

Storing your wicker patio furniture for the winter is the best way to keep the pieces safe. Both patio covers and protecting them in your shed or garage prevents the vast majority of ice damage and rodent damage. But it’s still possible for rodents to get inside and create a burrow for the winter. That means they’ll be chewing through the walls, ripping out wicker for bedding, and contaminating the porous material.

Is all of the wicker brittle and discolored from sun damage?

Sun damage hurts all patio furniture and lawn decorations eventually. Unfortunately, UV radiation doesn’t just discolor wicker material. It also weakens the fibers, making them brittle and easy to break. While most seats and tables are reinforced, that can still make your furniture unreliable or even dangerous.

Are a lot of the surfaces frayed?

Fortunately, there are several ways to make nearly seamless wicker repairs when you catch a few frayed edges or snapped fibers. But once the damage exceeds a few scattered rows, it’s time to seriously consider whether you want to keep making the repairs. If the frays are because of hardcore wear, UV radiation, or rot, it could be an early warning sign that your furniture is breaking down.

Saying goodbye to your current set of wicker patio furniture doesn’t mean you have to say goodbye to wicker. Browse the selection at Today’s Patio for newer, stronger wicker sets.

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