Make Patio Staging Part of Your House-Selling Strategy

Make Patio Staging Part of Your House-Selling Strategy

Whether you’re in the business of flipping houses or you prefer the buy-and-hold strategy of long-term rental properties, setting the stage of the house for interested parties is essential. Many people know to keep a high-quality set of home furnishings that can be rotated from property to property so tenants or buyers can see themselves living there. But sometimes the backyard can be a little neglected. Here are three ways to use patio furniture to get quicker contracts:

Good furniture sets help break up the space.

If one of your properties comes with a large backyard, you need to break it into sections. That includes everything from landscaping to a deck and a dedicated table space. This makes a large yard look far more manageable and even more valuable. If you have a small backyard or a property with a zero-size lot, then you need to plan the yard even more carefully. Breaking into different spaces through furniture and amenities makes the yard look larger without using up any valuable space on barriers.

You can sell the patio set with the house.

Sometimes people are moving in a hurry, are moving across the country, or are moving into their first-time home. No matter what their backstory is, sometimes people want to buy the furniture that they see in the house. Staging companies prepare for this, and you can, too. As long as you have a firm grasp on the value of the furniture and the money you spent on it, you can work a deal where it fits into the total price of the house or the lease. Leaving the patio furniture with the property doesn’t just give you another negotiation tool. When you have rentals, you want your patio to be used for light traffic and with minimal damage. Putting the patio set onsite for your tenants means they won’t use their own furniture without protective foot caps or use the space for something else. Go to Today’s Patio for the patio furniture you can stage your properties with and rely on for long-term rental use.

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