Open up Your Outdoor Kitchen with Bar Stools

Open up Your Outdoor Kitchen with Bar Stools

Outdoor kitchens are a great tool for making sure you can still join in on the fun when you’re hosting a get-together. Usually, being the chef means you spend your time running in and out of the house to check on the oven instead of chatting with your guests. An outdoor kitchen means you can store, prepare, and cook food right where the part is.But sometimes an outdoor kitchen isn’t precisely the solution you hoped for. If it’s relatively closed off or far away from your pool, most of your guests will congregate where the fun is. Open up your kitchen and make sure you have company with the right bar stools.

Add comfortable seating near the counter.

One of the easiest ways to have company in the outdoor kitchen is to make sure there’s enough seating. Bar stools take up little space and can invite people to stay and talk with you as your cooking. Bar stools are also sturdy enough so small children can reach the counter and add their own toppings to customizable foods like tacos, pizza, and sundaes.  

Extend your patio to turn the counter into a bar.

If your outdoor kitchen is too small for multiple people, that doesn’t mean you can’t have company while you cook. Instead, convert the counters and openings to simple bars by arranging bar stools on the outside. Guests can chat with you while keeping an eye on the pool, and you don’t have to worry about losing your cooking room. Even just a foot or two of concrete floor suddenly becomes a great new seating arrangement. Bar stool seats are simple to store, don’t take up a lot of space, and give you more options. Browse our barstsools at Today’s Patio, and make sure you have a set before your next backyard barbecue.

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