Patio Furniture for Humid Areas

Patio Furniture for Humid Areas

When you live in a humid area but want exterior furniture, you have to be more careful about what you purchase. While high-end patio furniture will be able to withstand the sun and lots of wind, moisture can take down even the most durable furnishings.

Luckily, if you know what to shop for, you can have beautiful patio furniture even if you live in a humid area. This guide will help you choose your exterior furnishings wisely so you have great pieces that will last, no matter what the weather brings.

Wooden Patio Furniture

A great thing about wooden furniture is this: not only does wooden furniture actually thrive in more humid areas, wooden pieces are beautiful and ornate as well. If you buy pine or other softwood furnishings, keep in mind that your pieces will have to be treated and sealed periodically to prevent the wood from warping or swelling.

The best exterior furniture wood to select from is either cedar or redwood. These hardwoods are naturally resistant to both water and insects and make for durable, attractive outdoor tables, chairs, and stools.

Vinyl Patio Furniture

Streamlined, lightweight, and durable, vinyl patio furniture is a wise choice for a humid area if you want pieces that are easy to work with. Vinyl is not susceptible to mold or mildew because the material is not porous; all you have to do is periodically wipe down vinyl pieces to prevent them from staining due to constant moisture exposure.

Stainless/Powder Coated Steel Patio Furniture

While metal may be prone to rust, stainless and powder coated steel options in chairs, tables, and cabinetry will be able to withstand heavy humidity while providing your exterior space with contemporary beauty. Powder coated options come in a variety of colors if you have a theme you want to adhere to.

Mix and match your patio furniture pieces to achieve the design you ultimately want. 

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