Patio Furniture Ideal for a Smaller Deck

Patio Furniture Ideal for a Smaller Deck

Do you have a small deck? If so, you may think you’re limited in the furnishings you can place on this smaller square footage. However, if you shop smartly, you can buy ideal patio furniture pieces that will complement the cozy space and make your outdoor area even more enjoyable. Here are tips for buying patio furniture for a smaller deck.

Consider Folding Furnishings

Outdoor chairs that can be folded flat when not in use allow you to have chairs when you need them that can be easily stored away when you don’t. Tables with drop-down leaves allow you to have a smaller table for quiet sitting or reading when you’re alone and additional space when you’re entertaining.

Consider Multi-purpose Furnishings

A solid outdoor settee that has shelving underneath the seat gives you plenty of space to store cutlery, outdoor equipment, linen, and more. Tables with built-in cabinets in the base can house books and other items you want to keep within easy reach without creating clutter in your outdoor space. 

Consider Simple Shade

A large umbrella that acts as a canopy and shade cover for your patio makes your smaller deck feel larger and more comfortable. Purchase a table that you can easily place a cream or other light neutral-toned umbrella in for easy shade cover that won’t make your smaller deck feel crowded.

Consider Streamlined Furniture

While large pieces that have ornate pillows and wide ledges can take up a lot of space, streamlined furnishings in solid steel, wood, vinyl, or even wicker with minimal padding offer appeal to your smaller deck without taking up a lot of space. Choose one or two pieces that you love and add a small table or shelf for storage to make your deck comfortable without being overwhelmed with items.
You can rotate your outdoor furniture according to seasonal use or keep the same pieces year-round. Even a small deck can house patio furniture with ease when the right furnishings are selected for the limited space. 

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