Patio Furniture With Old World Style

Patio Furniture With Old World Style

If you love decorating in an old world style, it's a great choice for your patio furniture as well as your living room. After all, it combines comfort and elegance and works great in any outdoor setting where you're looking for distressed and time weathered effects. Here are some ideas for bringing the beauty of the medieval and Renaissance world into your patio.

Furniture for an Old World Style Patio:

Wrought iron and wood are two of the most obvious choices for materials. Both are extremely strong and durable. While wrought iron is very low maintenance, wood can be simple to care for too. It will be even easier to feel like you're in 16th or 17th century Spain or France if you add in fabrics with rich muted colors like burgundy, hunter green, and cream. A generous helping of fringe and tassels goes a long way too.

Other Decorating Ideas for an Old World Patio:

What else belongs on an old world patio? If you can manage it, textured walls, arched doorways and windows, and rough beams overhead could make you feel like a Medici. Decorative painting techniques like sponging and combing may be even easier than you think so you can save money doing the work yourself and have a fun weekend project.
Whatever your budget and architecture will allow, you can also go back in time with fancy decorations and accessories. Try vintage mirrors and globes, plaster busts, and anything ceramic. You don't have to create a lot of clutter. Your interpretation of the old world might be two or three special pieces that command attention like a fake fur rug or a giant vase.
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