Shade yourself - With Treasure Garden Umbrellas

Shade yourself - With Treasure Garden Umbrellas

Treasure Garden is the leading manufacturer of umbrellas throughout the world and has been producing high quality umbrellas and accessories since 1984. Offering a variety of unique shapes and sizes, chances are you will find the perfect umbrella to fit your needs. But what exactly is the perfect umbrella for you and your patio?


Wood Or Aluminum?

First, decide whether you want an aluminum frame and or wood frame. Aluminum frames are universally durable as they stand up against different climates and most come with a crank to lift the umbrella up and down and also to tilt. Wood frames do not offer cranks for up and down movement and do not have the ability to tilt. Wood market umbrellas use a pulley system with a pin, you manually lift the umbrella up and stick a pin through the pole to keep it from collapsing. So if you are looking for versatility and ease of operation, we recommend choosing an aluminum framed umbrella.


How Much Shade Do You Need?

Second, choose your shape and size. The most popular umbrella is called a market umbrella. These are available in round, rectangle, sometimes square and come in a variety of sizes. Most market umbrellas are 7.5′, 9′ or 11′ in diameter with 9′ being the most common. Rectangle treasure garden market umbrellas are typically 8’x11′ and now are available with a tilt mechanism. Third, choose your color. One of the best ways to spruce up your backyard and give it some life is with color and fabric. Sunbrella fabrics are the best choice for your umbrella and are available in a wide spectrum of colors. From neutral beiges to bright orange you can easily find the color that fits your personality. Sunbrella fabric is made up of 100% solution dyed acrylic yarn. It it most well known for being used on awning and boat covers over the past 40 years. The best way to understand why the coloration and manufacturing process is so important to the longevity of your fabric on your Treasure Garden Umbrella is by relating it to the following analogy. If you were to take a carrot and cut it in half, you will see that the carrot is orange all the way through. If you were to do the same thing with a radish, you will see that you have red on the outside and all white on the inside. This is what you don’t want in fabrics. Sunbrella fabrics are colored all the way through just like a carrot. Other fabrics may be like the radish – with just ink on the outside of the fabric to give it color but not dyed all the way through. This is a key reason of why fabrics fade. Obravia fabric is another great quality fabric that competes with the Sunbrella brand. It also is a good choice for your treasure garden umbrella as it is 100% solution dyed just like Sunbrella fabrics. Lastly, don’t forget your umbrella base. Treasure Garden umbrella bases are available in several different styles and colors. It is very important to make sure you buy the correct weight for your Treasure Garden Umbrella. If you are using a 7.5′ market umbrella or smaller, a 50lb umbrella base is sufficient. For 9′ market umbrellas a 50lb base will work if you are putting your umbrella through a dining table. However, if you are going to use the umbrella free standing, we highly recommend you purchase the additional 30lb Treasure Garden base weight to make your base a total of 80lbs. For 11′ Treasure Garden Market Umbrellas you will need a minimum of 80lbs or more to prevent the umbrella from tipping over easily. If you are in a gusty wind area, we recommend going with the 100lb or 150lb base. Remember, umbrellas aren’t not covered against acts of nature such as wind damage, so invest in the right base for your umbrella to protect your investment.
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