Should You Cover Your Patio Furniture?

Should You Cover Your Patio Furniture?

Your patio furniture was designed for outdoor use, but it will deteriorate faster when exposed to the elements. You may also need to clean it more often. Cover your outdoor furnishings to avoid all of these problems:


Water Damage

Most furniture will decay if it frequently becomes wet. Wood might rot, metal can rust and almost any surface has the potential to grow mold. A well-maintained cover reduces repair and replacement costs by keeping these materials dry.


Animal Activity

Birds sometimes stain unprotected furnishings with droppings as they fly overhead. You may find it difficult to remove all traces of this tacky substance. Other creatures could build nests, construct webs or leave dirty footprints behind.


Brazen Thievery

A cover may discourage thieves from walking away with your costly outdoor furniture. It would take more time and effort to do so, increasing the likelihood that someone will notice their unlawful behavior.


Destructive Weather

Strong winds might knock over your chairs and tables or even hurl them across the yard. Hailstones also have the ability to damage these belongings. Although they can’t always shield furnishings from severe weather, covers offer some protection.


Solar Exposure

Ultraviolet rays could shorten the lifespan of outdoor furniture or affect its appearance. Surfaces may fade and crack when exposed to bright sunlight for many hours. They will become more vulnerable to water or impact damage.


Covering Methods

Some people fortify patio furniture with tarps, plastic sheets or specialized covers. These items provide thorough protection at an affordable cost. However, it takes some effort to remove and dry them. These products won’t safeguard furnishings while you use the patio.

A convenient alternative is to attach an awning-style patio cover to your house. This fixture doesn’t defend belongings from four-legged animals or the wind, but it protects them from sunlight, precipitation and bird droppings at all hours. 

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