Sling Patio Furniture And Your Pool - The Perfect Couple

Sling Patio Furniture And Your Pool - The Perfect Couple

Sling patio furniture and your pool are so perfect for each other you would think they were paired together by one of those dating websites. While that may or may not be the true, we are going to give you a couple of reasons why we think it’s true.

Some say it’s the most modern and stylish looking patio furniture that there is. With its sleek outspoken design and its beautiful tightly woven fabric slung from an aluminumcast aluminum or wrought iron frame (just to name a few), sling patio furniture can instantly upgrade any outdoor space.

Sling patio furniture is the perfect combination of comfort and contemporary design. While the fabric itself is weather and UV resistant, unfortunately your skin is not. Feel free to lather up with some SPF 100 and if you happen to transfer some to the chair, don’t sweat it.

A garden hose and a little soap is all you’ll need to keep this furniture clean and looking new. The state-of-the art fabric does not absorb water so it will dry faster and will not rot or grow mildew.

Because of its stylish comfort and low maintenance, a sling patio chair reigns king of the pool deck. The chair’s weather resistant fabric is thin yet durable which allows it to breathe. This helps the air to pass through drying you and the chair (something the next person to sit in the chair will surely appreciate).

A warm summers day by the pool never felt so good as you relax in this elegant chair. Unlike its more bulky cushioned patio furniture counter part, when not in use sling patio furniture can easily be moved and stored by just about anyone. With its easy to care for low maintenance and durable yet light weight frame design, sling patio furniture is the perfect fit for the family with limited outdoor space.

Sling patio furniture comes in many different looks and styles for every facet of outdoor living. Dinning chairs, swivel rockers, chaise lounges, single and double gliders, recliners, bar stools and ottomans and from collections like Lakeside, Cromwell, Volare, Canyon, Monarch, St. Augustine, South Beach and Windsor. If you’re looking for a little more cushion try a padded sling chair. As you can see, we think sling patio furniture and your pool are perfect for each other. Feel free to leave a comment and share what you enjoy about your sling patio furniture.

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