Top Tips for Patio Furniture at Airbnbs

Top Tips for Patio Furniture at Airbnbs

If you’re turning on of your properties into a hot Airbnb location, everything needs to look like it’s straight out of a resort. While you want to wow your renters with nice furniture and amenities, it’s also important to get patio furniture that will reduce your maintenance demands and limit your liability. Here are some of the top tips for selecting patio furniture for your new Airbnb project.


1. Create distinct furnished “zones.”

If you have a large patio or backyard, assign different portions of the space to different outdoor functions. Include a dining table and chairs, an area for relaxation with a sofa and a low table, and more. These “zones” mean your guests won’t bother dragging furniture from one side of the patio to the other, and that protects both the furniture and the patio surface.


2. Get furniture made from hard materials.

Wicker can break down, especially if guests are hard on the furniture. The same is true for fabric, soft wood, and plastic. Opt for wrought iron furniture that won’t bend, break, or fade. Wrought iron furniture also photographs well, so it’s a great choice from every angle.


3. Look for styles that won’t hide damage.

When appearance matter, it’s always a good idea to look for furniture that looks just as good after fifty visitors as when it’s new. Metals and washable cushion covers can hide a lot of wear and tear from light damage. But you want to know about structural damage as soon as possible to avoidable liability issues. Choose furniture where you can tell at a glance if the frame is strong or needs to be fixed. 


4. Opt for rounded edges and minimalism.

People on vacation aren’t always employing good sense, so sometimes you have to help. Make your patio as safe as possible with furniture that has rounded edges and material that won’t crack or shatter. The simpler and sturdier your furniture is, the better.

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