Want to Enjoy Your Patio This Winter? Outfit It with These Three Things

Want to Enjoy Your Patio This Winter? Outfit It with These Three Things

The perfect patio arrangement for summer can be unbearable in the middle of winter. But just because the seasons have changed, it doesn't mean you shouldn't be able to enjoy your patio until spring arrives. Make your patio cozier enough to enjoy some peaceful winter afternoon with these three things:

A fire pit table.

Fire pits have been must-have outdoor living space accessories for years. But when it's the middle of winter, a fire pit doesn't just make your patio look cozy. It can make the difference between a brisk but relaxing outdoor space and a patio that's far too chilly. Instead of getting a fire pit that's just a fire pit, get one that's built into a table. Then you can lean closer to the flame, do some work where your hands won't get too cold, and have an easy place to set your hot mug of coffee.

An umbrella with an adjustable height and a border.

Patio umbrellas aren't just summer accessories to ward off the sun and UV radiation. Even though it feels cold, the sunlight and UV radiation can do just as much damage to your skin in the winter. So use a sturdy umbrella to ward it off while still getting enough sunlight to feel healthy. Even better, an umbrella gives your patio a "roof" to help trap in heat. If you have a fire going in your fire pit or you brought a space heater outdoors, the umbrella can help keep your corner of the patio toasty.

Patio chairs with solid arms instead of rails.

Your patio furniture can also help keep you warm if it has the right design. Look for solidly built chairs that can keep the wind at bay. The frame can be whatever material fits your style, but you need boxy cushions in the seats and in the arms to provide shelter. Not only will they block the winter chill, but they'll also soon absorb enough heat so you don't have to go back inside after just five minutes. Bare metal chairs or chairs with thin cushions just don't have enough heat retention.
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