Why Is Most Outdoor Patio Furniture Made Of Aluminum.

Why Is Most Outdoor Patio Furniture Made Of Aluminum.

Most outdoor patio furniture is made of aluminum because aluminum is a superior material for that purpose. Some outdoor patio furniture is made from other materials, including wood, cast iron and steel. Compared to these materials, aluminum is a better choice because of its weight, durability, versatility and overall cost.

Aluminum is very light in weight while being strong enough to withstand far more stress and strain than is required of typical outdoor patio furniture. Typical aluminum patio furniture weighs about one fourth as much as similar furniture made from iron or steel, and it is also much lighter than furniture made from tropical hardwoods such as mahogany or teak. Its lightweight nature makes aluminum furniture cheaper to transport from the manufacturer to the consumer, and it makes it much easier for consumers to handle when they need to move it around their patio or yard.

For outdoor patio furniture, aluminum is an excellent material because of its durability. Aluminum can not rust like iron or steel, which may be seriously damaged in a short time when exposed to moist or salty outdoor air. Although a very thin layer on the surface of unfinished aluminum does oxidize, but that layer protects the rest of the material from further weathering. Aluminum furniture keeps its finish and does not dry out or crack like wooden furniture when it is exposed to long periods of sunlight. Aluminum powder-coat finishes are easy to maintain and do not require periodic stripping and refinishing like wood requires.

Aluminum is a very versatile material for use in furniture and other decorative items. From its simplest form using plastic webbing stretched over an extruded aluminum frame, to more complex classical or modern designs using cast aluminum, outdoor patio furniture made from aluminum is easy to manufacture compared to other materials. Aluminum has a melting point far lower than iron or steel, so its manufacturing processes are less energy-intensive than those of ferrous metals. Aluminum can be extruded or cast into any shape or design in automated processes that do not require the careful hand-crafting and finishing required for fine hardwood furniture.

For outdoor patio furniture aluminum has lower overall costs than those of iron, steel and fine hardwoods. Aluminum costs about four times as much as iron on a pound for pound basis, but furniture made from aluminum is much lighter in weight than iron or steel furniture. Furniture made from cast or extruded metal is less labor-intensive than handcrafted wooden furniture. Aluminum furniture requires less energy for manufacture and transport than iron or wood, and its exceptional durability makes its long-term costs of ownership lower as well.

Aluminum is a relative newcomer to the world economy. It did not come into general use in manufactured products until the early 20th century. When manufacturers and consumers realized its advantages over more traditional materials it quickly claimed a prominent place in many different industries. For outdoor patio furniture aluminum is an excellent choice due to its elegant appearance, low maintenance requirements, ease of manufacture and competitive cost.

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