Why Is Patio Furniture So Expensive?

Why Is Patio Furniture So Expensive?

High-quality patio furniture is more expensive than indoor furniture because the aspects of exterior furniture are completely different. Exterior furniture requires the use of better materials and is also made using more sustainable and efficient methods, which allows it to withstand constant element exposure and even prevent pests. The bottom line is that patio furniture is more expensive because it’s better.

These are some of the characteristics that make patio furniture more expensive than indoor furniture:

  • Manufactured with high-end materials

  • Unmatched Build Quality

  • It stands the test of time

  • Timeless Design

Manufactured With High-End Materials

Since patio furniture is meant to be outdoors, it is reasonable to only use materials that are capable of withstanding constant exposure to the sun, rain, wind, and basically anything you throw at it. High-end materials ensure that you will have a long-lasting furniture set which is also highly durable and capable of resisting even the toughest environmental conditions.

Some of the common materials that you will find when browsing through outdoor furniture are Wood, Wrought Iron, Aluminum, Wrought Aluminum, and Plastic. Although all of these materials are meant to be durable, the durability of each material will depend on several factors, including your climate. For detailed information on this, you can read how to match your patio furniture to your climate.

Wood Patio Furniture

Teak or teakwood is one of the most used materials used for wood furniture. This impressive tropical hardwood is extremely resistant and can last up to 75+ years. It requires little to no maintenance and its natural oils allow it to withstand sun and moisture like no other wood. Such a material comes with a cost, though, making these pieces more expensive than those made out of other woods. However, considering that this makes furniture that you can pass on to the next generations, the initial cost is practically insignificant.

Metal Patio Furniture

Metal furniture is sturdy, durable, and capable of withstanding a great amount of beating without breaking. Wrought Iron and Wrought Aluminum are the two most common metals used for outdoor furniture and for good reasons. Besides being able to take the brilliant sun in all its splendor without breaking a sweat, with proper care, both metals are able to last as long as you can imagine. These pieces of furniture are usually powder coated to protect it from the moisture and prevent rusting, which is a common happening in outdoor conditions.

Plastic Patio Furniture

When it comes to plastic, low-quality furniture might come to your mind, but the reality is that there are some really durable and beautiful patio furniture options made of high-quality plastic. Instead of PVC, high-quality plastic furniture is made out of high-density polyethylene, which is more resistant and does not have a tendency to become brittle. HDPE is not affected by moisture like wood and iron furniture does, and it is usually coated with UV protection.

Unmatched Build Quality

Besides the materials used, build quality is a deciding factor when it comes to outdoor furniture pricing. As you would expect from anything in this life, the better the build quality, the more expensive it will be. Manufacturers of high-end patio furniture tend to use not only the best materials available but also make sure that every step of the process is as efficient and effective as possible, making an overall better piece of furniture.

Some good examples of build quality are seen in wood furniture. Cheap wood furniture is usually glued together (which is very evident in the lower-end options), this makes it prone to damage when the set has been exposed to high levels of moisture or sun. Higher-end furniture, on the other hand, is built in such a way that the joints won’t suffer any damage despite the element exposure and even if you mishandle it.

Other great traits of build quality are the finishes. Finishes are one of the biggest giveaways when spotting cheap furniture. Expensive furniture options have joints that meet properly and an overall look and feel that exudes quality. For these reasons is that build-quality is such an important deciding factor when it comes to investing in high-end furniture.

It Stands The Test of Time

Being in the outdoors means that sun, rain, snow, wind, dust, end even insects can damage your furniture. You can leave any piece of indoor furniture in your patio for a day and probably nothing will happen. However, should you leave it outside for a week or more and it will probably show signs of heavy damage. 

Imagine how resistant a material has to be to withstand direct sunlight and UV rays day after day, followed by rain and who knows what else. The ability that patio furniture has to withstand such a rough environment for so long is simply impressive, and a good reason why outdoor furniture is a more expensive option.

No one wants to replace their outdoor pieces every year or two because they aren’t made to stand up to the environment.

To combat these factors and provide you with more value, top manufacturers design their furniture to last. In fact, you would be surprised to know how long can high-end furniture set last – most furniture sets will last well over 15 years and others like teak can last well over 75!

Timeless Designs

Aesthetics and trends change often enough to make one’s head spin. When you purchase a piece of furniture, you don’t want it to go out of style before you’ve enjoyed it half a dozen times. With this in mind, high-end patio furniture manufacturers design their pieces to span across changing trends. With each style, designers put a lot of thought into how well their furniture will adapt and fit into new ideas of beauty in decor.

More and more, people are turning their outdoor spaces into true extensions of their homes. With this comes the desire for gorgeous, durable furniture they can actually live in. This furniture must remain durable and stylish for years. While this makes patio furniture somewhat expensive, many argue that it is well worth it. However, for those on a tight furniture budget, you can find plenty of quality pieces on clearance throughout the year as well as periodic sales.

Knowing all of this is easy to imagine that even though the initial price is higher than other options, the long list of benefits actually makes up for it. So, there is only one question left to be answered:

Is Expensive Patio Furniture Worth It?

Yes. With its high-quality materials, sturdy craftsmanship, and long-lasting durability, luxurious patio furniture is naturally more expensive than furniture made to last only one season. Good outdoor furniture is an investment, without a doubt, but it is very well worth it.

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