Woodard Patio Furniture Builds On Their 140 Year History

Woodard Patio Furniture Builds On Their 140 Year History

For over 140 years, Woodard has been offering high-end outdoor furniture, accessories and decor throughout the world. You could probably guess they’ve learned a few thing along the way, including new techniques that work, as well as a few that didn’t.

By incorporating some of the age-old techniques of hand forming into their modern manufacturing processes, Woodard has remained an innovator and leader in developing furniture that exceeds industry standards. Today, Woodard offers a number of different types of outdoor furniture, including wrought iron patio furniture, aluminum patio furniture, and all-weather synthetic wicker.


The Quality Is In The Details

Woodard’s attention to detail and the quality of the raw materials being used are the main reasons their patio furniture is extremely durable and great looking.

Woodard’s wrought iron frames are all hand forged in the U.S. using only the highest quality of iron stock. While the quality of the raw material has changed throughout the years, Woodard still relies on techniques that have survived the test of time for forming each piece of wrought iron furniture into a beautiful outdoor design.

Well known for their aluminum patio furniture, Woodard has applied updated production techniques to their cast aluminum and extruded aluminum manufacturing processes in an effort to improve the overall quality. The process begins by using the purest aluminum extrusions and most durable ingots available. The metal is then molded and forged into shape before it then receives a scuff resistant powdercoat finish. The powdercoat finishes that Woodard uses are superior to gloss or enamel paints because they’re baked onto the metal using a modern electro-static process giving them a much longer life and better wear.

One of the younger segments of Woodard’s product line is their All Seasons synthetic wicker. While wicker furniture has been produced for quite some time now, the use of synthetic wicker weaves is a relatively newer technology. Using polyethylene fibers proven to be tough and resistant against humidity or water, they weave the fibers and then shape them around an aluminum frame giving it a sturdy feel. The result is a product that will last for years and will not rust, making Woodard one of the industry leaders in wicker patio furniture.


Changing With The Times

By shifting some of their production processes to overseas facilities, Woodard has been able to offer a great value to consumers while still producing the cutting edge designs and quality that they’ve always been known for. While some manufacturers have shifted the entirety of their production overseas, Woodard has still maintained a presence here in the U.S. to satisfy the requests for customized furniture. Their U.S. plant is located in Owasso Michigan and is able to produce high-end products in the frame and fabric color choice of the consumer; typically within a 3 to 4 week time frame.

Because of their efforts to refine and build upon their 140 years of experience, Woodard has been able to remain one of the most reliable brands in the outdoor furniture industry. When you purchase Woodard patio furniture, you purchase a legacy of quality and excellence that will last well into the future.

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